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A tile type for every room

Tile is the single most versatile material you will use in your home. Elegant, dramatic, diverse, creative, if you can think it, with tile you can design it. With textures ranging from basic ceramic, to porcelain, marble, granite, travertine, slate and on to glass; there is something for everyone. From a simple entry or small backsplash, to encasing a bathroom floor to ceiling, there is almost no limit to how tile can be used.

Which product is right for you?



Porcelain in name is a favorite for customers to request. Usually branded as a higher end tile to ceramic, with a greater breaking strength and less porous. Some porcelain may also be designed with the color running through the body. This is useful if a tile gets chipped, then it won’t have such a drastic appearance than a glazed tile would have had. Be careful with what you are looking at however. A color body porcelain with a glaze is still a glazed tile. The glaze is only on the surface. The body color may be different. Porcelain, as with ceramic tile, come in a huge variety of shapes and colors. With enough looking and imagination you can find anything you’d like. But if you need help, just let us know. We’ll sit down and help to work out a plan for the room you’re working on.


Ceramic tile is often the most economical choice when designing. It is less dense and has a lower breaking strength than porcelain. But for homes where traffic is usually light, a greater breaking strength is not always needed. Ceramic tile also always has a glaze which is the color or pattern on the surface. This gives it a huge range of colors to choose from. In Michigan a ceramic tile can only be used indoors. The body of ceramic is basically a brick and will absorb a certain amount of moisture. If that trapped moisture freezes the tile could break. Porcelain is denser and has fewer pores to absorb moisture. Some porcelain may be rated for use outdoors in a cold Michigan climate.


Natural Stone, for when you just have to have the real thing. Whether you are looking for marble and granite with their high gloss, or slate and tumbled stones for that rough uneven look, natural stones will give you a room that is an art work in the making. Stones take a little more work to maintain, and some may be a bit pricey. But in the end you know you will have a show piece.