What are the different types of carpet styles?

Carpeting comes with extreme varieties, characteristics, and benefits that make choosing the perfect product feel like an impossible task. Today, we will focus on some of the different styles available to you, taking one step at a time towards your best flooring.

Which carpeting styles fit your home?

The best-matched homes contain carpet styles that cater to specific needs. That's why it's essential to understand more about the styles that could be potentially perfect for your home, so take a look at these.

• Cut pile – These floor fibers have exposed tips that are durable and ideal for high-traffic locations. These can include frieze, shag, and cable carpets, so it's essential to consider the texture and pile height before installing them in busy areas.

• Loop pile – Leaving fibers uncut creates this flooring style, which is bound tightly for extended wear, including products such as Berber. Choose options that include fibers of the same height or various levels to create the look you want.

• Cut-loop pile – Combining both cut and loop piles in the same product gives you cut-loop products, which offer both benefits. In addition, you'll get extensive visual options from the wide variety of combinations these floors provide.

Find the best floor covering for your home

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